BIBLE PROPHECY - The Tribulation In Detail


If you’ve just tuned in, you are listening to a special UNIVERSAL NEWS BROADCAST. We are recapping the major past events, from Israel’s rebirth through the Tribulation and destruction of the world during the Battle of Armageddon.


After the destruction of the Russian forces, those that lived in the towns of Israel burned the weapons for fuel. They continued to use them for the next 7 years. Those that came to Israel to take a spoil and prey, and to loot and plunder, were themselves plundered and looted by Israel.

A burial place was chosen for the huge number of dead bodies. It was located in the valley of those who travel east toward the Sea (or on the east of the sea). It blocked the way for those that traveled in this area, because this was where the leader of the huge military armada was buried and all of the multitudes that came with him. Biblically, it became known as the Valley of Hamon Gog, and there was also a town there biblically called Hamonah.

For seven months, those of Israel buried them in order to cleanse the land. All the people of the land buried them. Men were regularly employed to cleanse the land. After seven months, they began to search. Some would travel throughout the land, and when they saw a human bone, they would set a marker beside it, until the gravediggers were able to bury it, in what the Bible called the Valley of Hamon Gog.

Any Jews around the world that had survived were gathered to their own land, and none were left behind.

God poured out His Spirit on the house of Israel.


(Regarding religion)

At this time, people were usually leaning toward one of FIVE directions. It might be said, many were in spiritual confusion.

One was the Antichrist. He grew in popularity and was exalted more and more.

Second was the Roman Catholic Church. It was growing rapidly, as many people of the earth embraced this religion and became intoxicated with her.

Third were many false prophets and false christs throughout the world leading many astray. Some followed these deceivers.

Fourth-People actually worshipped gold and silver, devils, even the work of their own hands and other things.

Fifth-God had magnified Himself, so that the world knew that He is the Lord.
 God had sent the 144,000 Jews to evangelize the world.
 So many became saved that no one could number them. However, many of these were betrayed by their children, by their loved ones, by neighbors. Many were found through the widespread use of cameras and listening devices.
 The 144,000 taught salvation was only possible, if a person repented, obeyed God and followed Jesus the Messiah, even to the point of being tortured and killed. They taught about the future kingdom that was coming and the return of Messiah at the time of Armageddon.
 Those that were saved were being persecuted.
 Later, during the midst of the Tribulation, most would be severely tortured and then have their head chopped off for their faith. However, they could turn back and receive the mark of the Antichrist, as some did. They saved their life for a short time, but then perished to hell.
 The reason so many people were left behind in the Rapture was because they would not allow Jesus (God’s Word) to reign over them and direct their life. Yes, many received Christ as their Savior, but they would not follow Him, even to the point of death. The teaching they had received before the Rapture was unacceptable. It was teaching half-truths. It sounded good, but led people to hell.


Nine times in the New Testament alone the word “prove” was used. You are here to be proved to see if you will be accounted worthy to be with Christ in heaven, or perish for eternity. Many more times it is used in the Old Testament.
 Whenever or whatever the times are that you are hearing or reading this—life was and is a test to see if you will allow Jesus Christ and His Word to reign over you. Regretfully, few people ever understood this, including ministers of all faiths.
 Life was a test for all that have lived since the time of Adam and Eve, and including you. They perished. Will you also perish?
 Life was a test before the Tribulation began to see if a person would follow Jesus Christ and obey the Gospel.
 Life was also a test during the Tribulation to see if a person would follow Jesus Christ,
and life will be a test during the Millennium, but especially when the Millennium is over, when Satan is loosed for a little season, and once again deceives the nations of the world for a short time.

With the United States and Russia now no longer a part of the world scene, there were two main spheres of power emerging.
 One was a United Europe led by the Antichrist, whose tentacles were reaching far and wide.
 The other was the Kings of the East led by China.
 The Antichrist’s power, influence, and control was becoming dominant.

Increasingly, those in authority took control of people’s lives.
 A person’s individual privacy and freedom was disappearing.
 As a result of the intercept of communications, plus drones, spy satellites, surveillance cameras, listening devices in many places, facial recognition devices, and money transactions recorded, those in authority had a blueprint of each person. Those in authority knew where people went and what they did—and, to some degree, what they might even think.
 All this information was stored in huge computer complexes and could be accessed in seconds by those in authority.
 All this actually began before the Rapture as merchants wanted more and more information about people in order to make more sales and money.
 Also political parties wanted more information on everyone to help them get more money, more votes, and win elections; and thus gain more power.
 As already said: it was a time of total control, when everything a person might do or say, or communicate on a device was being stored as data that was accessible to the authorities.
 It was also a time when people would accuse one another falsely. Some people lived in fear from day to day. Others did not. One never knew when there might be a knock on their door, and they would be arrested (sometimes for things they knew nothing about).
 Whatever pleased the flesh, from drugs to sex, to power, to some new experience, or a new “high,” became a way of life.

As already said, the people of the world accepted the way things were as normal and accepted the changes that came, as things that needed to be done.

Commerce began to prosper.
 The Vatican in Rome was prospering.
 The city of Rome itself was a financial center and center of commerce. Ships off the coast transported goods all over the world. Included in this were slaves and young girls. Greed, money, power, and a dog-eat-dog mentality existed.

However, those that chose to follow Christ, as a result of the 144,000 evangelizing the world, were being persecuted more, and more, and more.




It was located in a city that was a trade capital,
a city that sat on 7 hills,
a city that at least one apostle went to,
a city that was near the Mediterranean Sea.


Rome traditionally dates it beginnings to 753 BC.
 In modern times, it was the capital of the country of Italy.
 Its population at the time of the Rapture appears to have been just short of 3 million, and its metropolitan population at around 4 million.
 It was a great city of commerce leading up to the Tribulation, and even more so during the Tribulation.
 It had many rich merchants, and ships from all over the world traded there.
 It had been called the eternal city by some.
 It was a city of contrasts. There might be the remains of an ancient road or building, and not far away were more modern structures and roads.

The city (which is Rome) of the Great Whore (which is the Roman Catholic Church) was portrayed in God's Word as having been responsible for the death of many saints, witnesses of Jesus, prophets of God, and apostles. This slaughter of those that followed Jesus continued during the Tribulation.
 It is shown to be involved in much sin. It is pictured as glorifying herself. It may be said that Rome was a city of pride, which lived in luxury and believed she would never see sorrow or be destroyed. Many nations drunk of her fornication and her immorality. No religion or city in the world even began to fulfill every single one of these prophecies, except the great city of Rome. The Great Whore is the Roman Catholic Church. The Bible described Rome and the Roman Catholic Church in the past and during the Tribulation.

It is written, AND I SAW THE WOMAN (which is the city of Rome) DRUNKEN WITH (or from) THE BLOOD OF THE SAINTS (of God's people), AND WITH THE BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS (or witnesses) OF JESUS (who bore testimony to Jesus-NIV): AND WHEN I SAW HER, I WONDERED WITH GREAT ADMIRATION (or was…astounded)-Rev 17:6. THAT GREAT CITY...IN HER WAS FOUND THE BLOOD OF...SAINTS (of God’s people)-Rev 18:19,24. Rome is pictured as being drunken with the blood of God's people. History has recorded that countless numbers of the saints were slaughtered in Rome. Reportedly, many were fed to the lions. It was further reported that many were killed for daring to possess the Scriptures.

During the Tribulation, the slaughter of Christians continued. John is described as being astounded at what he saw.
 It was written, THAT GREAT CITY...IN HER WAS FOUND THE BLOOD OF PROPHETS-Rev 18:19,24. Approximately 1900 years ago, prophets of God were killed in Rome. Paul was one.

The city of Rome was a great city, a mighty city, a city of power. During the Tribulation, it prospered as never before.
 Rome greatly glorified herself. She lived in luxury. She said in her heart, I SIT AS A QUEEN. I SHALL SEE NO SORROW (or I will never mourn). She was a city that lived in great sin and many nations partook of her immorality.

The wickedness of Babylon was now in Rome along with its commerce and abominations. The Babylonian cult was also there intermixed with a perverted understanding of the Bible.

In Clarence Larkin’s book, Dispensational Truth, the following details were presented regarding Mystery, Babylon.
 “Babel, or Babylon, was built by Nimrod. It was the seat of the first great apostasy. Here the “Babylonian cult” was invented, a system claiming to possess the highest wisdom and to reveal the divinest secrets. Before a member could be initiated he had to “confess” to the priest. The priest then had him in his power. This is the secret of the power of the priests of the Roman Catholic Church today.
 Once admitted into this order, men were no longer Babylonians, Assyrians, or Egyptians, but members of a Mystical Brotherhood over whom was placed a Pontiff or “High Priest,” whose word was law. The city of Babylon continued to be the seat of Satan until the fall of the Babylonian and Medo-Persian Empires, when he shifted his capital to Pergamos in Asia Minor, where it was in John’s day.
 When Attalus, the Pontiff and King of Pergamos died, in B.C. 133, he bequeathed the headship of the “Babylonian Priesthood” to Rome. When the Etruscans came to Italy from Lydia, (the region of Pergamos), they brought with them the Babylonian religion and rites. They set up a Pontiff who was the head of the priesthood. Later the Romans accepted this Pontiff as their civil ruler. Julius Caesar was made Pontiff of the Ethruscan Order in B.C.74. In B.C. 63, he was made “Supreme Pontiff” of the  “Babylonian Order,” thus becoming heir to the rights and title of Attalus, Pontiff of Pergamos, who made Rome his heir by will. Thus the first Roman Emperor became the head of the “Babylonian Priesthood,” and Rome the successor of Babylon. The Emperors pf Rome continued to exercise the office of “Supreme Pontiff” until A.D. 376, when Emperor Gratian, for Christian reasons, refused it. The Bishop of the church at Rome, Damascus, was elected to the position. He had been Bishop twelve years, having been made Bishop in A.D. 366 through the influence of the monks of Mt. Carmel, a college of Babylonian religion originally founded by the priests of Jezebel.
 So in A.D. 378 the head of the “Babylonian Order” became the ruler of the “Roman Church.” Thus Satan united Rome and Babylon in one religious system.”

The Roman Church had its base of operation firmly embedded and in place during the first half of the Tribulation.

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